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Maximize Profit Potential for Your Service Business with Help From Astra Estimating

If you own an HVAC, plumbing, or electrical service business, then you understand how important it is to attract customers. After all, there are many other businesses in the same field that are often competing for the same customers you are. However, if your business hasn’t been drawing in the customers you’ve been hoping to, now may be the time to ignite your services with help from Astra Estimating Services in Ohio! Although best known for their customized consulting solutions, Astra Estimating Services offers a variety of other services and solutions to help business owners like you expand your customer base and maximize profit potential! One business planning solution they offer that can help ignite your business in this way is Astra IGNITE. This online training course is designed to help you increase service call customers and sales for your business that costly flat rate systems and franchising are unable to! Many business owners across the country—including those in New York, Illinois, and along the West Coast—have participated in this six week course and experienced the benefits it provides first hand!

Rather than spending six weeks in a facility learning how to maximize profit potential for your service business, Astra IGNITE is an instant online course that teaches you how to better your business and expand your customer base through Astra Estimating Services’ proven business planning solutions. Best of all, when you sign up for this online training course, you’ll get:

  • Lifetime Membership to these Training Courses
  • ​Instant Access 24 Hours a Day
  • ​New Course Arrival Weekly
  • ​Individual or Group Viewing
  • ​Live Q&A Sessions
  • ​Free Updates & Changes to Training Course

Because these lessons are available online, business owners across the United States –including Ohio, Illinois, New York, and the West Coast—can comfortably participate in these training courses from the comfort of their home or office. Although six weeks may seem like a long time to try and learn how to improve your business, the truth is that each lesson you receive will take you one step closer to understanding how to shape your business to draw in your clients and improve your profits. Astra IGNITE’s lesson plan is as follows:

  • Lesson 1: The Assessment
  • ​Lesson 2: The Numbers Never Lie
  • ​Lesson 3: The Power of Attraction
  • ​Lesson 4: Getting your Phones to Ring
  • ​Lesson 5:The Money Making Formula
  • ​Lesson 6: The Art of Not Selling

Alongside this lesson plan, Astra IGNITE provides a Live Q&A weekly that you may join to review what you have learned and so that Astra IGNITE’s staff can help you adapt or adjust the lesson to fit your business better. In this way, you can have a lesson plan that conforms to your businesses needs and helps you develop a more lucrative business. Whether you’re investing in customized consulting solutions or this online training program, you know Astra Estimating Services is there to help!

From the beginning, Astra Estimating Services in Ohio has been dedicated to providing HVAC, electrical, and plumbing service businesses across the country –including parts of Illinois, New York, and the West Coast—with customized consulting solutions. Because some businesses would like additional help to maximize profit potential and draw in more clients on their own, Astra Estimating Services created Astra IGNITE. Through this online training course at, business owners like you can learn how to expand your customer base, improve your profits, and improve your overall service business! If you would like to learn more about Astra Estimating Services or their business planning solutions, call 330.633.7300 or e-mail Otherwise, you can find out more about Astra IGNITE at today!

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