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The estimating service that Commercial Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC contractors trust to consistently win more projects and earn higher profit margins.

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Your Estimating, Followup and Results department in a box 

Your Estimating, Followup and Results department in a box ​

Want to know how to find a qualified estimator, win more projects and increase your profit margins?
It’s all here- from identifying the best jobs to estimate to preparing your bid for profit and effectively tracking, following up, and negotiating the project

For the past 20 years, we’ve helped contractors win thousands of jobs across every state and project type imaginable.
We offer a full-estimating service, not just takeoffs. From complete bids, detailed material counts and executing a high-level proposal to give you the best chance of winning. We partner with contractors and companies to support their in-house estimators or be a complete outsourced estimating solution for them.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients say.

We provide electrical, HVAC, plumbing and commercial estimating services nationwide from our office in Tallmadge, Ohio. 

Bid With Confidence & Save Time

We provide the perfect as-needed estimating service for contractors & companies looking to expand their business.

Whether you’re short on time, overwhelmed by software or need an extra set of eyes on your proposal. Not only do we assist with estimates & takeoffs, but we also specialize in submitting bids and building relationships with general contractors in your area.

Estimating Software We Use


We use industry-leading software to give you the best odds of winning your bid.

How Our Estimating Services Work

HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Estimating Service Packages

Modified Complete

For contractors who only need certain tasks or portions of the estimate complete.

Astra Complete

Full-package with a detailed estimate and us representing your company to the GC.

Assist Take-off

We submit material counts, pricing and an estimate of all labor and material needed.

Our Pricing

Once you choose an estimating service package, we will then quote your company the total cost to prepare the estimate for you.

We quote you the hours

1 We quote you the amount of hours to complete the estimate based on the project and services you selected.

You approve the cost quote

2 After reviewing and approving the hours quoted to complete the estimate, we start the estimating process.

Modified complete

3 You can accept and we will then start the estimate or you can also pass on the project and choose a different one.

Our Expertise, Your Winning Edge

We don’t just estimate, we help our clients win by providing expert guidance and support at every stage of the project.

Qualify Your Estimator

  • Identifying the right estimator for your project
  • How to evaluate the qualifications of potential estimators
  • Questions to ask when interviewing estimators

Identify the Best Jobs to Estimate​

  • How to research the market and identify profitable opportunities
  • Criteria to consider when choosing which jobs to bid on
  • How to evaluate the risk vs. reward of a potential project

Tracking, Following Up, and Negotiating the Project​

  • How to keep track of the status of your bid and the competition
  • Techniques for following up and staying top of mind with the client
  • Negotiation strategies for closing the deal and securing the project

Preparing Your Bid for Profit​

  • Strategies for pricing your bid competitively
  • How to factor in costs and contingencies to ensure a profit
  • Step by step for creating a winning proposal

Boosting Your Win Ratio and Profit Margin

  • Best practices for improving your win ratio
  • How to increase your profit margins and maximize your revenue
  • Metrics to track and measure your success

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Why Contractors
Choose Astra Estimating


We are a nationwide professional estimating services company located in Tallmadge, Ohio. Over the past 20+ years we have worked with large and small Electric, Plumbing and HVAC Contractors Nationwide.

We prepare all types of projects in commercial, industrial and public utility field. We are also experienced in handling projects in the residential field if requested.

We are not your average estimating company. The clients we work with understand implementing successful strategies do not happen over night. Long term solutions require time, professional instruction and a client open to discovering new solutions that get real results.

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No estimate is ever shared with another contractor. Every project is on a first come first service basis.

Our Specialty

Our team of estimators based out of Tallmadge, Ohio, has successfully helped contractors win thousands of jobs across America. We specialize in the following:

Electrical Estimating

HVAC Estimating

Plumbing Estimating

Complete Estimating Packages

Commercial Estimating


Our Client Reviews

” Mark, I have never in my life made so much money on a single job like the one you and your team estimated and won for my company. I will make over $1,000,000 by the end of this project… I have been using Mark and his team of estimators for over seven years now and I would recommend them to any company that is in need of an estimator. If you want measurable results that will help your company grow and win more bids effectively while also staying profitable, then I would highly recommend using them for any of your estimating needs. Give Mark and his team of estimators a try, you will be overjoyed with the results!”

Dirk Walton
Owner of KAL Electric, Inc.

“Mark, we contacted you and your team because we could not handle all the bids internally in-house. Since we started working with you we have bid 4 projects and currently working on the 5th. We have won 2, lost 1 and still we are in the running for 4th project. The very first project you bid for us we won and it totaled over $1,250,000 of new revenue for our company. The second project we bid with you and your team we won and it totaled $600,000 in new revenue. Currently your services have generated over $1,850,000 of new revenue for our company and the project we are still in the running for will be over $2,300,000. I have to say we could not be happier with you and your team of professionals, you have met and sometimes go far beyond any of our expectations. I highly recommend using your services to anyone needing help with estimating or getting out more bids.”

Gary Gulu
Owner of Gulu Electrical Contractors

” Mark, Before I started using your Estimating Services our win verses loss averages were not very good. We would only win about 1 in every 20 commercial project estimates in the competitive open bid market. We are now at a 56% win average from using Astra Estimating Services which is far better than the disappointing 5% we were previously getting from estimating on our own. We have been using your company for a little over a year now and we do not estimate a lot of bids simply because we don’t need to. Since we started using your company, we have won 5 jobs and only lost 9 plus we are still waiting to hear on 3 additional projects which we believe we have a good shot at winning. With the 5 projects Astra has already won, the results totaled $819,781.41 and we could not be happier with our decision to use your estimating services. If anyone is on the fence about using Astra Estimating Services, please have them personally call me so I can tell them first hand your estimating services works and it will be one of the best decisions they could make for their company.”

Rich Girard
Owner of Girard Electric

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No estimate is ever shared with another contractor. 
Every project is on a first come first service basis.
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