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When it comes to calculating your business costs, you may find yourself at a bit of a loss. How much do you charge for your goods, products, or services? Will the cost of these goods, products, and services cover more than the projected overhead of your business? Instead of spending another day trying to determine the best way to maximize your profits without compromising your business, pay a visit to recommended by Astra Estimating Services. Through this online system, business cost calculations are made easy and can be done quickly. Already, businesses across the nation –including New York, Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania—have benefited from this online business cost calculation system.

Why choose MyOverhead recommended by Astra Estimating Services over other programs? MyOverhead is an online calculating system that can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate your busy schedule. Furthermore, MyOverhead doesn’t require users to have previous technical or business cost calculations experience to use their system. All you need to do is input your company’s data into their easy-to-follow forms and questionnaires and let their calculating system do the work for you. Should you need to change something, you can easily update the numbers in their system. Best of all, free features are continuously being added to help ensure that your experience through MyOverhead is convenient as well as beneficial to your company.

To understand how to maximize your profits and improve your overall business, you need to consider what your general overhead is. Normally, overhead refers to any expenses your business may have that doesn’t generate a form of revenue. These expenses may include insurance, legal fees, advertising, utilities, and much more. MyOverhead recommended by Astra Estimating Services helps business owners like you by completely calculating your business costs through their easy-to-use system and helping you better view what your general overhead is in comparison to your cash flow. This system is so easy and so helpful, new businesses across the country—including Texas, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania—have chosen MyOverhead to help them better understand what to charge for their goods, services, or products sold to earn the best possible profit.

What types of businesses have benefited from MyOverhead in the past?

  • Service Companies
  • ​Restaurants
  • ​Contractors
  • ​Salons
  • ​Doctors
  • ​Attorneys
  • ​IT Companies
  • ​And More!

By providing these affordable estimating services to individual subcontractors across the nation—including areas of Ohio, Illinois, New York, and the West Coast—more plumbing, electrical, and HVAC businesses have are able to successfully win bids and increase profitability. Furthermore, Astra Estimating Services has been able to help many of their clients become known to general contractors in their area through the relationship building process the incorporate into their estimates.

Whether you’re a new business owner or a long-time business owner, MyOverhead recommended by Astra Estimating Services can work for you and help maximize your profits. How? Unlike some business cost calculations systems, MyOverhead goes above and beyond to help you keep your business costs current through their dependable site— regardless of the economic condition or your location! After all, many businesses across the country have benefited from MyOverhead over the years—including those in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas! More importantly, MyOverhead provides a hassle-free and completely secure site with 24 hour a day access to make calculating your business costs possible. To learn more about MyOverhead and how you can turn your numbers into profits, call 330.633.7300 or e-mail Otherwise, you can find out more about MyOverhead at today!

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